What it’s all about

I’m Elisa; I’m an author and have a compulsory desire to write, write, write. I’ve been known to write on restaurant napkins when an idea strikes and there is no paper around. I bring a book and a journal everywhere I travel, and I have found a new best friend in my Kindle even though the smell of a library and the feel of a real-life book are two joys of my life.

Me: By day I work with more than 800 kids. I moonlight as an author and puppy caretaker. And military spouse, line dancer, avid chocolate researcher (eater), and tennis player/cyclist/runner. Training for my first tri-sprint this year!

My blog: There’s enough complaining in the world, no? Here we focus on seeing the sweet side of life. I have two rules here: the writing must be relevant and it must be positive. There’s rarely a pattern for what I’ll write from week to week, except for that it’s positive and hopefully uplifting to whomever is lucky enough to lay their eyes on Life’s So Sweet.

My book: Making Room is about a family of one older sister and three younger brothers who have lost everyone they care about; some due to poor choices, others due to most unfortunate circumstances. Elizabeth has been holding herself and her family together for more than a decade, but it’s time to make room for more in her life: a faith she can stand on when it all becomes too much, and a love she can depend on to see her through bright and dark times.

It’s an uplifting story of a struggling family that is trying its best to remain positive and encouraging despite their discomfort and frustration. Join Elizabeth, Bryce, Mitch, Danny and Nathan as they figure it out as they go along. Published through Ambassador International and most easily purchased through Amazon.


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Contact Me:

Blog: elisapompili.wordpress.com (you’re here!)
E-mail: ecpompili@gmail.com (I love mail!)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ecpompili (Like it, if you wish!)
Twitter: @ecpompili (What will I Tweet today?)

32 thoughts on “What it’s all about

  1. Congratulations Elisa! We are so happy for you! Don’t forget us little peons when your books make it to the big screen!

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