What It’s All About

**What I wrote below is still true, but I’ve moved to



I memorized my first book (Mickey Mouse) by the time I was 1 year old.

I wrote my first story in 2nd grade, and kept writing until I lost my way somewhere along the line. I started again with a novel, Making Room, published in 2013, and now I can’t stop.

Writing is not only compulsive for me, it’s part of my purpose here on God’s green earth. When you visit my words, I want you to leave smiling. Like this: 😀 . On this blog, I write about seeing the sweet side of life, the silver living in all of life’s adventures.

sunshine flower

I live in North Carolina with my military husband, our sweet pup, and our new daughter. When I’m not writing or mothering, I’m baking cookies, running, watching Cupcake Wars or Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Or I’m swimming, riding my bike, dancing, or hanging out with my friends and family. Simple girl, simple life. But a pretty great one, if you ask me.

lifesosweet [@] gmail [.] com

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