gallery Which one? Picture for the back of my book!

I saw a news story about a Huffington Post blogger, a mom who wasn’t in any pictures with her kids until her son was 5 years old when she finally started entering the pictures.

I don’t have that problem. I have hundreds of (wonderful) pictures of me and my loved ones from all over the world. East coast, West coast, mid-West, deep South, Japan, Mexico… unfortunately, none of those will work for the back of my book.

Within the next week I have to turn in a picture of myself for the back of “Making Room” and I need your help —

Look at the survey and let me know which one you think is best! Pass it on so others can vote, too!

I’ll say it again – this feels surreal, to be planning for a real book that I wrote! Excited… Nervous, but excited!

Vote! Thanks!


  1. NIce job on your blogging. It was hard to pick a picture. I love the first casual one too! They are all beautiful. Love you.

  2. That was hard as you look beautiful in all of the pictures. So happy this is all moving along for you. We are so proud of you honey. Love you

  3. Elisa, Grandma & I voted. It was so hard to say which one was the most beautiful. They all are so precious. We kept going, “Oh, I like that one the best. No that one. Oh, look at that one, no that one is the best one!”
    Love you sweetie. So very proud of you!!

  4. Great pictures! I picked the professional one just because that is what I feel like I always see on the back of books but my second pick would be the last one 🙂 I know which ever picture you pick will be great!

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