Special Friday post: Why it’s worth it to add to the noise

Sometimes my mind is its own shuffled Pandora station, going from one genre of topics to another without any kind of order.

I got my first edit back from the publisher yesterday! Impossible as this may sound, I sometimes forget I’m publishing a book. I somehow let it drop from my mind that a novel I wrote, with 82,500 of my own words, is being published for other people to read and enjoy (and, let’s be honest, to criticize). I’m adding my noise to millions of stories available to the average reader. The one thing I’ve struggled with this entire time is, “Do I really want to add to the noise?”

Yes. I do. I want people to know that Christian writing is good (some far better than mine). I want people to know that not everyone who has a relationship with Jesus is snarky or judgmental or one-dimensional. I want people to know that a relationship with God includes the forgiveness of sins that is so often talked about, but it also includes an underlying peace that will wrap you up if you let it. And, I have stories that go on in my mind (I’m not crazy) that I feel compelled to share, for one reason or another.

When I’m writing, I see my story and I see it quite clearly. I see the outfits of my characters, I see the background, the living area, and the weather. I also hear music. Sometimes country, sometimes contemporary Christian, but lately it’s been more of the 90s pop (thank you, Pandora) that defined my adolescence. I hope you can see it just as clearly. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. What any creative anytime, anywhere, in any medium is ever trying to say: This is part of my heart. Thank you for taking the time to listen.

“Making Room” will be available in just a few short months. I’ll be posting Sunday about 5 autobiographical stories that offer powerful lessons for my generation, all of which impacted my writing of “Making Room”.

Until then… Happy Weekend! (Below is a 2009 photo from Greg & I carrying on our Friday night ice cream tradition in Japan)


  1. Elisa, this is amazing and so are you!
    “Add to the noise “- love this!
    Your readers will definitely see the outfits the characters are wearing, the background, feel their emotions, etc, because when you write you paint such a picture that we are right there with the characters.
    I especially love: “but it also includes an underlying peace that will wrap you up if you let it.” How true!!
    And love the picture of Greg & You in Japan…..
    Love you,

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