First “Official” Round of Editing: Check!

I completed the first round of editing for “Making Room” just about an hour ago.

I received the editor’s notes two Thursdays ago with 1.5 pages of edits/questions. I was apprehensive about getting the edits: excited because it’s forward movement and one step closer to publication, but nervous because it’s easy to get defensive when someone wants to change the words you labored over.

Thankfully, I loved the edits and questions. That’s an editor’s job, to help the author make the text easier and more enjoyable for the reader. I read through the entire thing once (on hard copy, see above picture), changed what needed to be changed, then did a detail-skim and sent it back to the editor with my 379 questions/comments . Not really that many, but I explained in my e-mail to her that I am “excessively thorough” when it comes to my editing, and to please forgive all the red.

There are some significant changes to the story that will surprise my First Readers – I dance in my seat (literally) as I write this, because it’s so much fun to surprise people. And it’s so much fun when the story is made better by tweaking here and there. (Yes, I’m using the word ‘fun’ to describe getting words on a page. Fellow writers will understand).

That’s all for now. Just a quick update. I’ll post tomorrow on learning from others, and will likely post a travel blog next week; heading to the Big Apple for Thanksgiving!

What do you think?

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