Mid-week Musings: Moving Forward When It’s One Thing After Another

You’re starting out a journey. You have no idea how long it’ll take, but you’re hopeful. Your bag is packed. Your shoes are comfortable, the sun is shining. How bad could it be?

Fast forward…

Storm rolling into Savannah, Georgia.

Your cries go unheard.
Your prayers go unanswered.
Your questions hang in the balance, taunting you.

You’re a person of great faith.
Or at least you were.
You’ve put that up on a shelf, labeled under “Maybe later” or “Useless”.

Your anger keeps you moving.
Your pride kees you motivated.
Your sense of self fails you, but still it’s one foot in front of the other.

The sky has turned gray.
The weather, bitter cold.
You have worn the soles in the shoes on your feet,
You’re about bone dry of supplies.

This should be better by now, you say.
I didn’t ask for this, you cry.
The road didn’t seem that long, you want to yell.

But you keep moving.
You keep trying.
You bear it, you stand it.
You keep believing.

Because inside that bleeding, tattered heart of yours,
God has graced you with one heck of a fighter spirit.
One strong beating heart that does not give up.


This is not my current experience, but I have learned of many heavy hearts recently. Thus the inspiration for this mid-week musing. I encourage you to foster the following:

1. Positive relationships that build you up.
2. Positive experiences that build you up.
3. A daily reminder that you are braver than you feel, stronger than you think.


You tell me:

When you have reached the bottom of the barrel in regards to your capacity to handle a situation, to whom or to what have you turned that helped you?

What do you think?

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