Christmas pictures – South FL & Gulf of Mexico

Around the Christmas pole
We spent Christmas in Clearwater, FL, and on a cruise ship to and from the Gulf of Mexico. It was sunshine and summertime… I mean, sunshine and winter time. Such a different Christmas than the last 28 years. It felt strange to be so far away from any family, but the thought of the snow-dumping that laid itself on my hometown mad eit easier to be in 75 degrees. I’ll be home in a few weeks anyway, and I’m sure I’ll get my dose of cold and snow.

Above is a picture on the beach around one of their Christmas decorations (perhaps a South Pole, since it’s Southern Florida?)

We ate sushi pretty much every single day of our trip. This was the first day, and it just went from there:


Formal night on the cruise:


Playa Del Carmen beach & buildings:


Colorful buildings in Mexico

Sunset from Cozumel, Mexico:

CIMG0193 - Copy


How we always feel at the end of our vacations:

End of Vacation fae

Tomorrow: the reason New Year’s is Just Another Day to me.

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