3 Ways to Keep Your Heart in Check

Sometimes we think of our lives as being sectioned off into moments or eras. Sometimes our beginnings and endings flow so effortlessly that it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. Sometimes we want something so different than what we have, but when we get what we want we wish we had what we had before we got what we wanted.

My life is vastly different today than it was just five years ago. I have since lived in one other country and two different states. I have my school counseling (and burgeoning author) careers in order. I’m married to an old man (we just celebrated his 30th birthday…had to throw that in there). I have a cat. I have new friends who fill my daily life, but I’ve kept the old ones because they helped make me who I am.

But some things get lost in translation. We carry the essentials with us, but we might lose sight of some of our interests or passions, depending on who we’re around or what our current environment allows. We might let some pieces of ourselves fall to the wayside because they don’t fit anymore.

Sometimes that’s okay, as we change and evolve and let ourselves grow in the ebb and flow of life as it is. But sometimes it’s not okay. Sometimes our hearts suffer. Whether this happens in a geographic change, a relationship status change, an addition to the family in the form of a precious child, a career change, the losing or gaining of old or new friends. We have to figure out what we want to keep, and find a way to let our hearts hold tight to those pieces of ourselves. I have certainly “forgotten” things about myself in every instance named above except for the child piece (I don’t have any as of yet).

Three questions to ask yourself to keep the essential pieces of your heart in check as you move through the ins and outs of life:

1. Who makes me feel like the best version of myself? These people shouldn’t fall to the wayside.

2. What puts a perma-smile on my face? Whatever it is, put a reminder of it in a high-traffic place in your home.

3. What gets me through my toughest days? Whatever it is, put a reminder of it in a high-traffic place in your home.


You tell me:

Have you ever had to remember pieces of yourself after a big life change? What helped?


  1. My thoughts is keep your heart open for love, for strangers, people in need of help, meeting new friends and family and most of all take care of your heart in what you want for yourself.

  2. I have lost pieces of myself. I have not found them yet. So I can’t answer that part. Your article reminded me of something I have always thought. I thought the pieces of my life were like colors and after every life change a different color would emerge. Sort of like working on a weekend at your office. It looks the same but it feels different. This is how I see life. I have to find those old pieces though to get me through this life change.

What do you think?

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