[Writer’s Wednesday] – New Year’s check-in

I heard on the radio yesterday that this week is often considered the most depressing week of the year. Christmas decorations are down, the Holiday Highs are down, the weather is often dreary, New Year’s resolutions have often already fallen to the wayside… so many things add up to what some call Blue Monday.

(Take this for what it is, okay? It is kind of fluffy, but I believe there is some merit to the theory).

And on that note, I offer this:

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language, And next year’s words await another voice.”

T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

I have never read anything from T.S. Eliot, but I have plenty of quotes from him stored in my quote books. I particularly like this one because it points to the idea that we are not resigned to who we are at this moment, or who we were last week, last month, last year. We are always at the cusp of being able to change if we want to, if we are unhappy with ourselves, our choices.

I wrote in “Why New Year’s Isn’t a Big Deal To Me” that New Year’s isn’t a big deal to me because I treat each day as a fresh slate. But I also understand and appreciate the idea of wiping out the old (particularly if it’s a year you’re happy to usher out) and starting anew.


Resources on starting new:
Manna Church’s Reboot series
Seacoast Church’s re:Build series


You tell me:

How are you doing so far in 2013? New year, new you? Old habits die hard?

What do you think?

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