Vegan Isn’t So Bad… Until You Have to Give up the Ice Cream

Our journey to being a Vegan household will be one that lasts for… I suspect, years. Years, because even though the stats say that 84% of fish in the American grocery market has high (read: dangerous) levels of mercury, and our dairy is not made the way it used to be made, I just can’t pass up the shrimp or the ingredients to make ice cream when I walk into the grocery store every Sunday morning.

Our Vegan journey started when my husband looked at me a couple months ago and said, “You know, if we really believe everything we’ve been watching [Vegucated, Forks Over Knives, The Beautiful Truth] and we’re going to tell people about it, then we should really start living it.” Darn you and your accountability living. What’re you trying to do, be a stand-up man or something? You’re already almost a foot taller than I am; you’re already standing. Sit down. I want my shrimp and real ice cream.

You see, I’m already Gluten Free. N-O-T by choice; God blessed me with that treasure of a diagnosis at 19. (Actually, it was a blessing. I was so sick until we finally figured it out). But my body already rejects any traditional bread products (bagels, bread, pitas, wraps, croissants, PIZZA, etc.), cookies, crackers, cakes, cupcakes, cookies (listed twice because I love them so), imitation crab (who needs that anyway?), soy sauce, eel sauce (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, it’s amazing), most cereals, traditional oats, flour tortillas, most soups and broths, taco seasoning, cream sauces at most restaurants, yada yada yada. Get my point? 75% of the stinkin’ grocery store. And now you want to take away the joy of not only my shrimp, but my cream cheese, sour cream, cheese, ICE CREAM.

When you start to go Vegan, you think… okay, this might not be too bad. You check out some recipes, sticking with your rice and veggies. Fine. I love rice and veggies. Then you see that you can make a lot of Asian dishes. Fine. Also delicious. A lot of work, but fine. Then you try a dish that takes 2.5 hours to make. 2.5 hours and I’d never chopped so many vegetables for just one meal! We had food for 5 days, but still. Then the weird stuff starts… no honey?! At my annoyance, my almost-Vegan friend said: “But animals are involved. It forces them to work hard for the honey.” I’m not an animal rights activist; I don’t care if animals work for my food. It gives them something to do. I drink ginger & honey tea almost every day. So, the honey’s not looking good either. Then you find a recipe for… Almond Milk Chocolate Banana Ice Cream. Hm. Well, the almond milk isn’t bad. The chocolate isn’t bad. The banana isn’t bad. All together? Eh. Less than impressed with the sample spoonful when it came out of the ice cream maker. We are a Certified Ice Cream household. Every Friday for almost 7 years, since we have been married (I took the burden on myself when Greg was deployed), we’ve had Friday night ice cream. To go from the Real McCoy to kinda-sorta-ice cream, ehhh. Not cuttin’ it. Then you start looking up other recipes, because the veggie ones are a lot of work. Some look promising, some contain things you nor your local grocer have ever heard of. They start asking you to use tofu as meat, and use things like Kasha and parsnips and eat things like Bamboo Shoots (which you find out after eating an entire can are NOT gluten free… cue the intense 4-day reaction).

Then you bring the shrimp back because… well, because you want to and because it’s delicious and you realize it’s harder to give up SHRIMP for Lent as opposed to chocolate! That’s when you know it’s serious.

Happy Sushi
Happy Sushi

On the menu tonight: Sushi (my favorite meal), complete with shrimp and shrimp sauce (yes, with mayo and butter). Then our first real try of the Almond Milk Chocolate Banana Ice Cream. Then our back-up container of Reeses Peanut Butter Cup ice cream stored in the freezer. You know, for emergencies.



You tell me:

Vegan? Yes? No?

(And stick around; I’m sure I’ll write about this again).


  1. You two are cracking me up.

    But if you have questions on vegan Rachel did it for several years. But to be honest no more….she is back on regular food. But I give you alot of credit if you can do it. Do you like the almond milk? I just started buying it to make fruit smoothies or for my chai. Is sushi vegan?

    Can’t wait to hear how you do on this.

    • Almond milk is pretty good! A friend of mine told me about it when her baby was going through a lactose issue; she drank almond milk so that when she fed her son he didn’t get gas. It’s sweeter than dairy milk, and you know I’m all about the sweet!

      Sushi is vegan if you leave off the fish and the cream sauces. In other words, if you leave off all the good stuff.

  2. Love your post Elisa!! You make me laugh!
    LOL! Happy Sushi!!
    LOL! “Darn you and your accountability living. What’re you trying to do, be a stand-up man or something? You’re already almost a foot taller than I am; you’re already standing. Sit down. I want my shrimp and real ice cream.”

  3. […] Are we committed to each other? Yes, absolutely. Am I willing to commit to starting a family? Not just yet. Are we committed to our faith in God and His plan for our lives? Definitely. Am I going to commit to buying a house since we might be where we are for another 5-6 years? Not sure yet. Are we committed to taking care of our wayward cat? Yes. Are we committed to Friday Night Ice Cream? Yes. (Therein lies the problem for our Vegan Journey, which you can read about here). […]

  4. OMG I never even thought about the honey. I mean, no animal died Died for it, so frankly I don’t see the problem. I like the idea of 80-90% vegan, or as my grandmother would say, “the way we used to eat.” Ok, she’s not exactly right there because there was certainly butter and milk and fish and a chicken on the odd Sunday. But, I think her point was that they weren’t packing down the pork and beef every single day. That seems like a good place to start. Of course, I’m on day 4 of a vegan fast and I’m rather grumpy. *lol* I did make a pretty amazing coconut milk based ice cream. Though, my husband laughed when I told him it was 4 “generous servings” because it looks like 1 to him.

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