Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss


In a child’s life, there are few things that matter as much as attention. Good or bad, a child wants to know he is liked, loved, thought to be funny, cared for, and paid attention to. I like to imagine it sometimes as the “Look Who’s Talking” film series. They sit around with grown-up voices in their heads, saying… “What can I do that will make these people look at me?”

We show our love for these children all sorts of ways. Words of praise, pats on the back or knee, hugs, holding hands, or a KISS.

In this picture I am spending a much-needed weekend with 2 of my closest friends and their 2 year old son. He is sweet and loving, as evidenced by the photograph. He is a ball of energy and is full of laughter. He calls me Miss Elisa in a high-pitched sweet child voice. He says “Thank you mommy” to his mom when she does something kind. He says “Don’t cwy mommy,” if tears are coming down her face. He does a family hug every night after bedtime prayers.

This picture is a representation of the sweet innocence of a child’s kiss. The unmarred heart of a boy who shows life and love to everyone he sees. And the wonder that is the world of a child.

(Thanks for letting me borrow your kid, S. & K. Lucas!)

What do you think?

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