Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

Hummingbird, Catalina Island, March 2011
Hummingbird, Catalina Island, March 2011. Copyright Elisa Pompili.

If there is one place I wish I could be on a regular basis it’s the West coast. Standing at the edge of … something … leaving everything else behind. As an East coast girl, the Atlantic coast represents serenity. But the West coast represents freedom, adventure.

We traveled West for our 5th wedding anniversary, and this little guy was caught drinking some nectar as he flapped his wings at least 40 times per second. I was fortunate enough to catch the beauty of his freedom on camera. His wings are a blur, but his goal is clear: the sweetness of that flower was all he wanted.

I think sometimes we focus so much on wanting something, whether it’s more of what we have or more of what we don’t have, that we don’t look around at the details of our life that make it what it is. Our tunnel vision closes us off from the details that fill the spaces of what we think we’re missing. If we focused on those details, maybe we would see the Imperfect Progress we are making toward a goal. Maybe something would stand out that we didn’t see before. Maybe our life is better than we think it is.

I challenge you to look at your world with brand new eyes today. Like you just came up from a deep swim, you’re splashing out of the water and as you wipe away the drops from your eyes you see something you’ve never seen before. Or you see something you’ve seen before but have since forgotten about. Or, like the hummingbird, find that little piece of sweetness in your life that you haven’t paid enough attention to. And work like mad to go after it, capture it. I bet you’ll find something worth your while.

Below: same photo, but edited:

Hummingbird, Catalina Island, March 2011 (edited)
Hummingbird, Catalina Island, March 2011 (edited). Copyright Elisa Pompili.

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