Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

Depending on the day and/or occasion, the lunch experience is a varied one. It could be in the office, on the sidewalk from a street vendor. On a patio or riverfront, or hurried inside a deli with other noontime consumers.

For me, unless it’s summertime (salad) or I’m on vacation (any local cuisine), lunch has always been the hardest meal to figure out. Breakfast is easy. A banana and something crunchy or fruity (but not another fruit… a fruit bar, perhaps) plus some hot water or tea. Dinner is even easier. Give me some sushi or some pasta or some tacos and I am good to go.

But lunch, often eaten in the rush of a day, sometimes standing up while pacing my office… I usually want something warm, but nothing too heavy. I’m gluten free, so no sandwiches (GF bread feels like lead in your stomach once consumed). Salads are okay, but too cold. Plus we don’t buy salad dressing so … unless I’m at home and can really dress it up with grapeseed oil or warmed up tofu soaked in peanut sauce, salad is a no-go.

Until I went to Japan. In Japan, fresh sushi is made and packaged for sale in their cabinis (convenient stores). My last couple weeks there, I bought some for lunch almost every day. In Japan, there are ticket-dispensing lunch “delis” … you choose your lunch from a Kiosk that looks like a cross between an instant lottery machine and a Red Box, the order is sent electronically behind the counter, and within 5-10 minutes, voila! your meal is brought out to you. And as I remember it, the food was delicious:

Lunch in Kyoto Elisa

Lunch in Kyoto Greg

I will never stop missing Japan or it’s food. Or its people or its train systems. Or its weather.

Thank God for pictures to bring back memories we’re afraid to lose! And thank God for Weekly Photo Challenges that force you to look through said memories.

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  1. Ellisa, I have lunch issues, too, because I don’t like sandwiches (or most bread, in general…French bread is an exception); lunch to me is often soup and/or cheese and crackers…year round:)

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