Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

The weekly challenge comes from here:

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A day in my life

–         Looking at my Carolina sky to see what the weather’s going to be, wishing my cat was still around so I could feed him breakfast

–         Roaming around/dodging 850 kids for 7 hours, Reading a children’s book or two, Wishing I had a scooter or a Segway to go around my school

–         Talking on the phone to my grandma or one of my besties, Hanging out with Greg, Dreaming of living overseas again or in NYC

–         Making then eating sushi for dinner (lately 2x per week), Reading my new study Bible (on a good day), Watching one of our fav TV shows on DVD (we don’t have cable)

–         Playing Hooked on Words on my phone, Reading, Writing, Sleeptime

Post this challenge in a couple months and we’ll replace any school-related business to FUN IN THE SUN, a.k.a., tennis, running, swimming, biking, hiking and more.

Others worth visiting:

thirdeyemom (especially if you’re a stay-at-home parent)

Lucid Gypsy (satisfies my daily desire to live overseas)

Simple DeMente (makes you want to live out West)

Bams’ Blog (wonerfully colorful picture college)


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