Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

WordPress gave this challenge –

In a new post created specifically for this challenge, share a picture in which color takes center stage.

I could seriously post all day. I am always playing around with my photos, and not just in FotoRus (my favorite photo editing app), but with Ribbet. I love taking photos, and I love editing them to see if I can make them juuuust right. The first two pictures that came to mind when I thought “Color” were these unedited photos:

I have never seen a more beautiful sky than a Georgia sunrise or sunset. To have these colors jump out of the sky, yet stay still so boldly at the same time, without touching a photo editor or a filter on the camera… nothing short of show-stopping.

The morning photo (left) was taken just a week before Greg came home on R&R. I hadn’t seen him in 9 months and I was full to the brim with nervous energy, so before work I took a 1.5 mile walk around my neighborhood.

The next photo that came to mind was from Autumn in Cincinnati, which I wrote about here. There is a large park system there, and this was my favorite. I wrote a good bit of Making Room under a large trellis at the park’s entrance. I also loved to hang out on a stone balcony overlooking this field:


Then I thought about color and how the absence of color can sometimes be just as beautiful. I thought about my wedding photos and how our photographer kept the entire picture B&W except for my orange and white flowers. And I thought about how the same photo can be fixed to be charged with color, or drained of it:

Five photos for one challenge, but I couldn’t resist. It’s a divided gallery, and there are few rules to these challenges so I don’t really feel badly about it 🙂 Some others worth checking out:

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  1. The autumn picture is stunning. When I first saw it, it looked like one of those scale-model scenes, like on a train table. I have a special spot in my heart for Ohio, and I love it when anyone helps others see the beauty of the state.

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