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Last week I offered Part 1 of my self-published living-in-Japan memoir/journal for free on Amazon. Sometimes (not all the time, but once in a while) I enjoy patterns and symmetry. Now is one of those times…

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Greg’s visit to Japan (so far)
Posted: 12-23-09

We’re having a great time!

Greg came to work with me Tuesday and explored Ichinomiya. He has now seen way more of the city than I have, given that he walked around for about 3.5 hours.

His favorite food so far is Takoyaki. When I first told him what they were I said ‘octopus balls’ – stopped him dead in his tracks, haha! I rephrased it to be: octopus and batter fried in the shape of a ball. It is topped with a Japanese sauce that nobody knows what it’s actually made of, and Japanese mayonnaise, which is nothing like American mayonnaise but it’s incredible.

You’ll see in this picture here that Greg actually has to duck to get into my bedroom.


See, it pays to be a Pompili 😉 (… we’re all short Italians.)

Today Greg hiked Mt. Kinka, which he really enjoyed. He made it all around without getting lost. Not like I was worried; if I can do it and I have so little sense of direction, I was pretty confident in his ability to do the same.

Some things that have taken Greg by surprise –

The lack of sport bikes, considering this is where many of his favorite fast things are made.

In reference to our toilet: “Leave it to the Japanese to take something as simple as taking a dump, and digitize it.” (The seat is heated, and there are buttons to press if you’d like to wash your bum after… you know.)

Yes, you really do have to take your shoes off before you walk into the house, into the classroom, or onto the rug in the lobby.

We could see our breath in the kitchen yesterday morning.

English in the weirdest places, such as the “IN” and “OUT” signs painted on the driveway into a car dealership, where nothing else is in English.

What I’ve learned from him already –

I thought gas was cheap because the signs are for 107 yen, which is about $1.07. But I failed to realize that this is per liter, and there are four liters to a gallon. Thus, over $4 a gallon! But all stations are full service, and the gas pumps come from the ceiling:


Tomorrow he’ll come to work with me again, and afterward a few of us are going to El Paso, the Mexican restaurant in Gifu. It will be our Christmas Eve dinner!

Friday I have off and we are traveling to Kyoto. Saturday I have to work until 5:30, and then we will try another Japanese restaurant!

We were impatient and opened presents tonight 🙂 Technically it was just about Christmas Eve over here.

He gave me The Proposal and New in Town! Two great chick flicks that Greg doesn’t mind watching.
I gave him a cheese slicer, transparent playing cards, and a box of white chocolate covered macadamia nuts. God bless him, the chocolate was the first thing he opened and he didn’t even get to his next present before that box was opened. Do we fit together, or what?

I also gave him a small gift bag with a small tin. The tin held chocolate at one point… the story is: I bought this cute tin of chocolate for him for Christmas. Perhaps I bought it too early, because I definitely ate every piece of chocolate in that tin.

I kept all the wrappers and put them back in the tin for him to open, haha! He laughed pretty hard when I looked at him and said “I got hungry!”

Only a few more days left, but any time we get together is cherished.

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