Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

I immediately thought of the animated movie “Up” and had the image of an old cartoon man being floated up by a stack of balloons. But that’s not my photograph, so when I thought about my life, I thought, “When I think UP, I think of putting my head all the way back and looking UP.” That doesn’t take much, though, because I’m just under 5′.

A lot of responses have beautiful pictures of the sky, but in an attempt to go a little bit off the beaten path, here we go:

We surprised my father-in-law for his 60th birthday and took him and my mother-in-law skydiving. It was a B-L-A-S-T. Greg and his dad are watching my Mom-in-law floating high up in the sky: CIMG2198


A life-long dream (which at that point was only 21 years, ha) – Parasailing! My grandpa was pretty much the apple of my eye, and he went parasailing at 70 years old on one of his last trips to Florida back in the 90s. Ever since then I wanted to go, to experience what he experienced. So when we saw this on our honeymoon, we couldn’t pass up the chance:Up up and away!

Other fun UPs to take a look at (bear with me, I found a bunch this week that I think are worth the look-see):

The original challenge

Clouds365 – A daily project turned into a cult favorite.

My dogablog – puffy, white clouds against a striking blue sky.

Cheryl Andrews – because I miss Georgia

Thrifty Finn – because it’s different

bashert04 – because I want a dog, and this one is adorable!

the ever-budding bear – because the title made me chuckle

Canoe Communications – because in a structure like this, “Up” is the only place you look

Sharon’s Hodge-Podge – because she took a different approach

Ileana Partenie – because I miss my black-and-white cat, and these made me think of him

Still and All – because they’re too pretty not to post!


What do you think?

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