This is me – thanking you!

This is me when I get a New Follow notification:


Actually, this is me and my friend Rosanna on our way to the beach. But that is pretty much what I look like when I see a New Follow. My Twitter has teetered between 38 and 42 for the last several months, because I don’t pay attention to it. As I’ve nursed Life’s So Sweet, you have responded. Thank you so much! It makes the time I spend on here worth it. I have fun writing/posting three times per week, and I thank you for enjoying it with me!

Starting next week, Writer’s Wednesday will be more of a photographic post, with a positive saying attached to a photo. That’ll keep my quality writing on Sunday with some story-telling on Friday with the Weekly Photo Challenges.

Thanks for stopping by & sticking around! I appreciate each and every one of you.

What do you think?

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