Free book on Amazon – 4/24 & 4/25

If you read this at all, or even just glance at the headline, you saw this coming:

Part 3 of my “102 Days in Japan” adventure is FREE on Amazon, today & tomorrow (4/24 & 4/25)! It’s a quick, easy, fun read about an American’s first overseas adventure. I have all sorts of chocolate adventures, bike adventures-slash-mishaps, and quirky little cultural experiences. And the other two parts are only $2.99, so really, you can vicariously experience 102 days in Japan for less than $6! Isn’t that the best offer you’ve heard all day?! All week?! 😉

Japan collage book cover

“102 Days in Japan” Parts 1, 2, and 3 are available through Amazon – all Amazon apps on all devices, as well as your home PC.

And, as always, here is an excerpt:

Oh, to be Japanese…
Posted: 2-18-10

* My 3rd graders called me fat. Yes, I heard them right. There’s no language barrier when they put their arms in the “round” position. In their defense, large Japanese clothes for young women barely fit me. In my defense, I am a size 2-4 in America.

* The day after the above happened, my bilingual Kindergartner called me fat.

* My students *asked* to wash their hands before we had a snack. Last year at Maggie’s, I think we might have fainted if one of our kids asked to wash their hands before snack or lunch!

* I got many laughs while trying pronounce Japanese food and “karaoke” – karaoke is not pronounced anything like we say it in America, but I can’t say it any other way!

* I have a class with one boy and one girl. The boy kept correcting the girl, but he was correcting her with the wrong word (supposed to be No, I can’t, he kept telling her No, I don’t)! So the girl kept saying it the right way, and then finally at the end of class the girl got tired of being “corrected” because she leaned her face toward his and yelled NO I CAN’T!! Japanese children don’t usually yell at each other like that!

* One of my students genuinely tries to speak Japanese with me, and poor kid, all he gets back is a blank stare and me saying, I’m sorry :(.

* I found out that something I do is very Japanese: when I am coming up behind people who are walking slow and I’m on my bike, I squeeze my brakes hard enough so they will make noise! My bell doesn’t work, so this is a way of letting them knowing I am coming from behind. However, this doesn’t work with old ladies, as I found out today… when I had to actually get off my bike and walk it until one of the women saw me and let me by…

It’s been an interesting week.

Next week is my last one, and I am split right down the middle in my feelings on that – I love it here, but I miss my husband terribly! I’m sure we’ll be back to visit someday 🙂


  1. Good morning. Well I have the first one, missed the second one and now will get both this morning. Good luck at your next book signing. Such exciting times for a lovely lady. Everyone can’t wait for book two. Love you.

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