Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

(I am re-posting this from yesterday because I added links at the bottom)



Seriously, I have hundreds of photos I could use for this challenge. I only lived in Japan for 102 days, which I chronicled here, but that was more than enough time for my life to be permanently changed by my time there. Japan holds a very special part of my heart, and even though I am three years removed from the adventure, I can still smell the fresh air as in rode my bike every morning to the train station. I can hear the train, taste the food, feel the laughter of my students and my friends.

The Japanese culture is quite learnable. I found it so easy, so effortless, to live there. Considering the adventure was my first overseas experience, first real communal living experience, and I was married but was there by myself, I think the culture is to credit for said effortlessness.

I would return in a heartbeat. It is a beautiful nation with delicious food, amicable weather, kind people, varying landscapes, resilient spirits, and delicious food. (Had to bookend… Because the food is just. that. GOOD).

The photo above is my choice for ‘Culture’ because I remember being so confused yet so enthralled with their Christmas decorations, which is what this is. The train station was surrounded with these anime-ish character decorations. Japan loves its anime, and that showed in every facet of life: Hello Kitty phone charms and living room decor, character lunch boxes for kids and grownups alike, and, of course, Cristmas decorations.

Nippon, I love you and I can’t wait to see you again.

(My apologies for no links/ping backs. I am traveling – flight attendant is about to glare at me – and the iPhone isn’t quite that accommodating.) <—— That was from yesterday. I’m now well-rested with a desktop computer at my disposal, so here are some other Culture photographs you might find interesting:

Kelli – an expat blog with a photo that brought me back to learning culture in elementary school.

Jidhu Jose Photography – the man is riding on a decorated elephant. Amazing.

Ambling Around Brisbane – distinctively non-American. That’s the fun of it!

Escape from Chaos – I love her tagline and her photograph.

Ileana Partenie – Such color. You can’t help but stare.

Summerfield84’s English Blog – Japan. You know I can’t resist something about Japan!

Let the great wheels spin – photos of the motorcycle culture, a facet of American life that requires a sense of adventure and a true understanding of what it means to ride.

jenmonje – a blast from the past

Learning to see light – food! I expected to see more food posts for this challenge, but it took me awhile to find one. (I am also surprised not to see more iPhones, other tech devices, big cars, etc.)


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