Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

This week’s photo challenge is “From Above”, which is an interesting contrast to the “Up” challenge from a couple weeks ago. In “Up”, most of us were looking for photos where our necks are craned all the way back to look at something that is at a higher place than we are. “From Above” asks us to put our faces in opposite directions.

The first image I thought of was from one of my final adventures in Japan, seeing Nagoya at night from the 46th floor of a Toyota building. If I could have propped a bed up there and slept there I would have; I felt like I was looking at a see of stars:Nagoya at night

The second image I thought of is from this past November. Not being a huge fan of crowds, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is scores better 9 floors up. I was warmer, better fed, heard everything, and felt just as much a sense of awe and wonder as the people on ground-level.


And the final, most joy-filling image that filled my mind is one that may have fit better with Up, since the sun rose to greet me on Tybee beach in August 2006. But I thought of this verse tied to this image, and then it fit: Every good and perfect gift is from above (James 1:17): Copy of 100_0832

Other From Aboves you might enjoy:

A Little British Pea – From an airplane, one of my most favorite places

Moonlight Reflections – A lifelong dream of mine

Unshaken Thoughts – the first photo is actually my favorite, because I’ve always wanted to live in a city

Winning Shots – what I sometimes want at the end of a long week

Escape From Chaos – because I haven’t yet gotten whatever pet I’m going to have next


What do you think?

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