Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Most people would think of things when they think of ‘pattern’, and rightfully so. The pattern on a building, a shirt, furniture, a piece of art, a phone case.

I think of one of my former pre-k students, whose favorite thing about school seemed to be getting up in front of the class and describing the “patt-er-in” of his shirt:

Jake pattern

Our lead pre-k teacher had students who were ready to describe a pattern stand in front of the class at circle time and describe the pattern on the student’s shirt. Some students never took this opportunity. Jake always took this opportunity.

All my pre-k sweeties were special, but Jake holds a soft spot in my heart. His gentle voice, bright blond hair and even brighter blue eyes, always made my day. He never fussed, never argued, never complained. He was pure sweetness, wrapped in a 4-year-old. He’ll turn 9 in about a month but still when I hear “pattern”, I automatically think of “patt-er-in” said in Jake’s sweet drawl, and I’m thankful for the chance to have taught him and get to know his family. Miss you, Haas crew!

Other “patt-er-ins” for you to enjoy:

Musings of a Librarian – the beach!

Unforced Rythms of Grace – sprawling sky

pics by peep – most unique

Catatan Kecil – I can’t quite think of the right word, but this one made me feel still.


  1. I knew a music teacher who used to point to a pattern in someone’s clothing as a visual example of the texture in musical tones and the blend of sounds she heard when someone sang “one” note.

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