Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

According to the daily post, we are supposed to take (or find) a photo that lets the background become the focus of a picture. I had a hard time with this one. When I think “background”, I think of a movie or a TV show and what song should be playing during a certain scene. Which makes no sense since I am a writer and not a movie producer, except for the fact that I’ve always loved soundtracks.

I went through many, many photos before landing on this one. I took this during a trip to NYC in 2009 for dad and Linda’s wedding. Typically, NYC photos focus on the buildings. But what sticks out in this photo is the backdrop of a bright summer sky:

Other In the Background photos to enjoy:

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a nomad in the land of nizwa – most unique and colorful of the bunch

J M Light – Confusingly large tire

West Seventh Freelance – everyone should see her photographs

my dogablog – my favorite online pup


What do you think?

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