Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

(Anyone else singing, “I saw the sign, and it opened up my eyes I saw the sign…”?)

The first image that came to mind for “The sign says” is from my time in Japan (written about here):


The sign says … I have no idea. Well, it’s a street name. But can you imagine addressing that envelope? I was just thinking this morning how redundant and inefficient writing your return address is, but how I’m too frugal to spend money on return address labels. And you know the American game where we challenge someone to say something 5 times fast? Yeah, say Nishinotoinshinhanayacho five times fast. If you can do it I’ll give you a million dollars. Said in the same manner as when my dad would say to us as children when we’d whine for dinner because we were soooo hungry: If you don’t make it to dinner I’ll give you a million dollars. That’s how much faith I have in us saying this correctly, 5 times fast. (Japanese friends, the million dollars doesn’t apply to you!)

When I lived in Japan my friend Yukari would try so hard to teach me different words in Japanese. We giggled through most of our informal language lessons because I had such a hard time saying most things. I gave it an honest effort, and sometimes I would shine. But oftentimes it would come out like Joey trying to learn French in Friends. Phoebe would say, “Je m’appelle Claude.” and Joey would respond, “Je de cloop plow.”

The second image that came to mind is from a bumper sticker, for my Dogablog friend:

dog bumper sticker2

Other The Sign Says:

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  1. Ok I’ve tried for five minutes and that Japanese word is impossible!!! Lucky for you or I’d be getting all your book royalties for the next five years!! Aw how INCREDIBLY SWEET of you to send us a sticker and so kind for the link. Thank you sooo much!!! : )))xoxox Anne & Monty

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