Weekly Photo Challenge – The World Through Your Eyes

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

There are two ways to take this. One, the filter through which you send every experience before it’s fully processed. Two, what you see as you walk about your daily life.

The first photo that popped into my head is the one below. Every experience for the last 6 months has been filtered through Greg’s recent change in military rank. Every conversation I’ve had, every plan I’ve wanted to make, every dollar I’ve wanted to spend, was always preceded by the pending change in our family. The world as I have seen it the last 6 or so months has been as a military wife, ready and willing and waiting to follow her husband on the next adventure:

Greg's WO1 swearing in

The second interpretation – the world as I experience it day-by-day:

Other ‘World Through Your Eyes’ Interpretations:

Original challenge

Let the Great Wheels Spin – Isle of Man

Liberated Traveler – sort of a ‘Day in My Life’ theme, interesting & unique

WRYgrass – Looks like you step right into this garden

My Photolanguage – the most interesting, confusing B&W photo

Turning Pages – mirrored image of the capitol building in Wisconsin


What do you think?

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