Road Trip day 3 – Lost in Deep South History and BBQ

The glory of being on our own schedule is we can stop and do what we want, when we want, where we want.

Today we wanted to see Montgomery, AL, and Jackson, MS, for the Deep South history. (Capitalized because that’s how I’ve seen it on many signs).

A few photos from today:

My lunch today, cut in the car while sitting in the passenger seat. I got nothing on my shirt! Clean as a whistle. And delicious! I am pretty into avocados.

We expected to see some history in Montgomery, AL, but we saw more than we expected: the first White House of the Confederacy:

CIMG0552Jefferson Davis lived in this house with his family and now they have it set up as a museum. My favorite thing was this battle flag:

CIMG0571War-torn and incredibly brittle. It was beautiful.

Then we went on to Jackson, MS. We played June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash’s Jackson song as we drove into town. 🙂 We saw the state capitol:


And some delicious State Street BBQ:


No Vegans here:

IMG_0149(We didn’t end up going Vegan, obviously. This does not mean I don’t think it’s a valid lifestyle – I do. I just really, really like BBQ. And couldn’t pass it up here in the Deep South where great BBQ was created!)


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