Road Trip Days 4-5: Small Town Texas

Oh, Small Town Texas.

How I’ve wondered for many years how you compare to Hollywood’s version of yourself: Friday Night Lights, For Love of the Game, Lone Star. The go-on-forever fields, beating-down sun rays, kick-up-dust wind.

And, Small Town Texas, you have delivered. It is every bit as beautiful and Americana as I expected it to be here, and I absolutely love it.

The back of the local school district complex is a giant field…

Texas field 1

…Complete with a Dollar General:

Texas field 2

Itasca is the town we’re staying in. Its namesake is on the front of a supplemental building at the local school district complex. My 7-year-old companion this afternoon couldn’t quite articulate for me what exactly it was. She did, however, do a dance to Madagascar’s “She Likes to Move it Move it” for me, so we got kind of distracted.

Texas small town school museum

So far we have enjoyed a shrimp boil, wonderfully hot and sunny weather, a small town Independence Day parade complete with a Miss Late Bloomer, and land that seems to go on forever. Amazingly, you can find anything you want online except for telling information about Small Town Texas histories, i.e., where in the world the term Miss Late Bloomer came from. The committee who names her is called the Late Bloomers, but nobody could tell me why. Regardless, she was a sweet-looking elderly woman – as I’m told Miss Late Bloomer is each year – and it was a quaint, small-town parade.

Tomorrow will be (attempts at) knee boarding and water skiing. Saturday will be a cattle drive and/or a real-live rodeo! Yeah, Texas!

Have I mentioned we’re having the best summer ever?!


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