Road Trip Days 6-7: tubing wipeout and rodeos

In lieu of my usual Sunday post I’m putting up more about our road trip. Next Sunday (or the one after ;)) I’ll tell you about Happify, a new social media endeavor with a positive psychology base. Stay tuned.

For now, please enjoy our half cross-country road trip ventures. So far you’ve seen the toilet paper lessons and read the conversation between Greg and I when I learned he forgot to buy me an anniversary card. You’ve seen us eating some delicious BBQ. And you’ve seen our small-town Texas photographs. A bonus for me has been people I’ve never met compliment me on Making Room! It was referred to them by a family member, but they’d never met me before. Yay!

Since then we’ve been tubing and knee-boarding, wiping out on only one of them, and watched a real-live Texas rodeo! The top 3 things I’ve learned in Texas:

1. Tubing is to be done in a one-piece or with a shirt on, for occasions such as these:

2. Clowns are part of the rodeo (and I’m not talking about the guys getting thrown off the bull) and the rodeo is a great way to spend a Saturday night:

This rodeo was complete with bull riding, calf roping, and mid-show entertainment like at a baseball game. Except here, instead of twisting around a bat and then trying to run toward a target, a large herd of children were placed in the ring, a calf was released, and the kids had to get a tag that was hanging off the poor lil guy’s tail. The kid to bring the tag to the emcee was the winner:



3. Family dinners are still one of my favorite things. Because even if you’re not all technically family, you make it that way for just a few hours … telling stories, complimenting the chef, filling your plate with good down-home soul food.


On to two other Texas towns tomorrow, then Oklahoma on Monday! Then Colorado, the big Kahuna of the trip. We are having an unforgettable summer, and are thanking God every day He’s allowed time and resources for us to do this.

We still have 2 weeks to go … bring it on!

You tell me:

What’s your favorite vacation memory?

What do you think?

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