Road trip Days 8-9: Texas family and Strange Toll Roads

We’re already into our 2nd week of road trippin’, and it’s been a success. We’re not sick of each other, despite being together pretty much 24/7. We’re still singin pretty loudly in the car to our favorite road trip songs. And basically, we’re loving every minute of it. We had some pretty great ice cream in OK tonight, and if you’ve read this for more than a day you know that if good ice cream is involved, the day is a success.

Last night we got to see my TX family, which is always a super special treat:


And my friend Christy, my roommate from a conference I attended in San Francisco. She and her parents hosted brunch for us, then we just relaxed in the backyard for hours and talked Bout everything from travel to gun control to military to jobs to books. Such a simple, friendly morning.

Jake’s new fiance didn’t make it into the picture, which I didn’t realize until just a few minutes ago. Sneaky! Her name is Jessica, and she is fabulous. In case you were wondering.

Today we drove from Central Texas up to central Oklahoma. Greg and I have loved driving through this part of the country. It’s rolling hills and farmland and ranches full of horses, cattle, wide Oak trees. Kind people, cowboy hats, and Native Americans. Fried Hispanic pasta, sun tea (tea brewed in the sun), and gluten free food in the most random places.

This was most of our drive:


Might not look too spectacular, but in person it is incredible. It’s so wide open and untouched. In a place like this, it’s hard to believe places like Boston and NYC exist. The weirdest thing we saw on our drive today (which I didn’t get a picture of because I was busy being confused) was on the President George Bush Turnpike. We kept seeing Toll Road signs. For miles and miles is appeared as though we would need to pay a toll. So we got our change out and we were ready… except the toll fee kept changing. From $.25 to $0.51. To $0.72, or if you wanted to pay by mail, $1.42. It was bizarre. Especially since even though we saw the signs for miles, we never had to pay a toll. I’m not complaining, I’m just thoroughly confused. We figured toll-paying only happened on the exits, which we never had to take.

Next on the list: Edmond/Oklahoma City, OK. More ice cream (it was delicious!), Pops (a Route 66 stop), and pool time.

A great summer, indeed. One of the best, actually. Hand-delivered from Heaven, in my humble opinion.


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