Road Trip Day 10: Impressive Oklahoma City

We’ve been busy busy busy the last four days, hence a lack of posting. But great days they have been.

The word I kept throwing around for Oklahoma City was impressive. We were hosted by a former English teacher of mine and her family, including the cutest King Charles Cocker Spaniel named Bentley:


We got to watch a little league baseball game, explore Oklahoma City, and travel a bit on Route 66 (a long-time dream of mine). Oklahoma ended up being one of our favorite stops so far, and this came as quite a surprise to us.

We stopped at Pops on Route 66. The historic travelers’ stop sells hundreds of varieties of soda. I don’t typically drink soda; I’ve actually never had a Pepsi or Coke. But for nostalgia and fun’s sakes, I got an Olde Brooklyn Red Raspberry soda. Greg tried Cookie Dough soda! We each enjoyed our separate tastes, and I made it out of there without being force-fed a Pepsi or Coke.


In downtown Oklahoma City we visited the memorial for the 1995 bombing. It was the most interesting memorial I’ve ever seen. Interestingly constructed and designed, with great meaning and thought for each piece of it:

OKC memorial

I’m standing in front of a reflection pool. Directly ahead of the pool is a black wall with “9:03” engraved on it. Behind where I took the photo are two more black walls, close together, with “9:01” and “9:02” engraved on them. The minutes were to represent the minute before, during, and after the horrid events that the nation considered to be the worst act of terrorism in the country’s history (until 9/11).

To the left of the pool are more than 100 chairs, one for each individual killed in the bombing. There are even small kid-sized chairs for the children who were killed.

At the very front of the entire memorial was the survivor tree – the only tree in the surrounding area that survived the bombing:

survivor tree

The came the most interesting part: on the wall in the front left of the memorial were engraved the individuals who were in the building that was bombed or in the very nearby vicinity, and yet survived. Their names are engraved in marble, being celebrated just as the men, women, and children who are memorialized in chairs. I do not ever remember seeing a memorial where the survivors are celebrated, with the possible exception of the Holocaust museum.

Heidi said it was very “Oklahoma”, as they are very kind, look-at-the-bright-side kind of people.

We also found fabulous gluten free goodies at Green Goodies, which was featured on Cupcake Wars on June 9 of this year. I actually enjoyed a vegan chocolate chip cookie. I am pretty picky about chocolate chip cookies and this one (okay, two) was delicious.

For our departure Heidi made us to-go cups with stickers of every state we’re traveling in on this journey. Pardon the exhausted look on my face; it was pretty early and I hadn’t had yet drank my tea:

To-go cups

Thanks for a great visit Heidi & boys! We had such a wonderful time!

We are currently in Colorado, and have been blown away by the majesty and beauty of the Rocky Mountains. We were able to meet up with another friend named Heidi, and we again were met with generous hospitality and lots of fun. Stay tuned for those pics… I’m pretty sure we have a few hundred to chose from and I want to show you the right ones!

Happy Summer, WordPress friends =)


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