Road Trip Days 15-21: 3 stops, 31 hours in the car

The third week of our vacation was the most amount of driving throughout the entire trip.

Denver was the Big Kahuna, so we sacrificed any stops after that and went straight from there to Mansfield, Ohio. All together that’s a 20-hour drive. We split it up into two days, but that’s a long time to be in the car. Even when you’re on a 24-day road trip.

Mansfield was with our 3rd family, the Drakes. No photos because they don’t really put their pics online, so I’m not going to, either. But there are 7-year-old twin girls, a 4-year-old girl, and a 13-month-old boy, Pete Jr. Greg scored major points when he played nerf guns with the girls. “You’re better than Uncle Tim!” they told him. “That must be because you were in the Army,” the reasoned. They fed us wonderful food, provided a super comfortable bed, and it felt just as much as like family as it always has.

Cincinnati was three hours away to visit with two of our favorite people, Bri and Scott and their new addition, Peyton. Or PPOD, P-Man, Blue, Boy Blue, Lil P. And their two big oafishly adorable dogs, Toby and Addy. They were our closest friends when we lived in Cinci and we hold them very dear to our hearts. It was the most relaxing two days, mainly because they included naps and the best guest pillows ever (sorry, everyone – they were memory foam!). And even though Making Room is nothing either of them would ever, ever read, they bought a copy!

Pennsylvania was another 8 hours, though it was a beautiful drive. Pennsylvania is such a beautiful state to drive through because of its varied terrain and because of what my bro-in-law told me is a green space law: a certain percentage of the land must remain as undeveloped green space. We’ve been hanging out with our blood family, the Preston’s. Good gluten free food, teaching Mom how to use her Kindle (she’s doing great!), and playing with the star of the show, almost-2-year-old Martina, the first grandkid of the family. We were going to end the trip here, but just to add one more adventure (obviously we are not ready for this to be over), we’re making an unplanned overnight stop in D.C. We were just going to stop there for lunch, but we couldn’t resist one more adventure.

Next time I write here it will be from my home in North Carolina. I am seriously missing my NC buds, but I’m going to go through withdrawal from Greg and from being on the road.

Thanks for following us on our adventure! One more post about Washington, D.C., and we’ll start the last 1/3 of the summer. On the books … at least 2 nights of country line dancing, moving to a new place, HS friend visiting, flight school starts, and my first speaking event as an author. Never a dull moment in this little corner of the world…



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