Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

This week I thought to myself, I wish the photo challenge would be ‘Joy’. And ‘Carefree’ is pretty close, thank you, WordPress! I searched and searched, and thought about the difference between carefree and silliness, or the difference between joyful and carefree. So when I look at these photos, I think my dad looks like he’s having a ball. We were moving me down to Savannah, and anytime a 50-year-old man can slide down the banister of a church and not worry about getting in trouble, one can assume he’s fairly carefree:


Yes, he's sliding down the church banister

Carefree WordPress-ers:

Moments in Your Life – beautiful, pictureque

Ruined for Life: Phoenix Edition – kids’ summer

Inception – carefree at a concert, lost in the music and the moment

Cyan Skies – Can I pretty pretty pretty pretty please, have a vacation to here.

Lucid Gypsy – my regular dog pingback, because I just can’t help myself


What do you think?

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