Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

In my novel ‘Making Room‘, I wrote:

The ocean held a dear part of her heart, though she never understood why.


Elizabeth told Nathan again how much the sound of the ocean waves and the feel of the ocean breeze soothed her, saying that she could stay next to it forever.

She saw in his face Nathan trying his luck: “And you don’t think it’s anything more? Just the ocean waves and breeze?”

“What do you mean?” She asked with curious eyes.

“Well, God created the earth, right? He made the ocean waves and breeze just the way they are. Maybe he’s trying to get your attention deep down, an area you’ve only let the ocean get to.”

Some things cut or sit so deep that words fail to explain their meaning.

Maybe they look all the same to you, but they are unique and meaningful in the photographer’s eye:

A Little British Pea – How could you want to be anywhere else after seeing these photos?

SANNEtiago Story: Life Along the Camino – West Coast beauty

Christina Around the World – “the sea is my portal to adventure and the new me.” – Love this!

In Ogni Senso – unique walk-up to the sea

Delana’s World – Such faith and freedom!

The Way I See It – Calm after a storm at sea

Svetlana’s Photography – A dream to see such beauty so up close (dolphins)

grandparents plus 2 – “A day at the beach with family and friends, at sunrise or sunset, whether foggy or clear, still beats a day anywhere else.” – agreed!

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