I turned 29 Friday … I might as well just say 30.

IMG_1907I turned 29 on Friday! Eeek!

I’ve already been putting 29 into the elliptical at the gym for a few weeks, so I’ve been practicing. I might as well go ahead and put in 30, huh?

It just feels so … strange. So … old. I went line dancing for one of my birthday celebrations. The DJ announced it was my birthday and a guy came and asked me to dance. He was 22. 22. I graduated college and he was a freshman in high school.

My 20s aren’t over, but I know this is going to be a pivotal year. Greg will finish flight school. I will complete my first sprint triathlon. We will perhaps maybe kinda sorta get ourselves and our home ready for a child. I will complete my 3rd year of my career. I will finish writing another novel.

I picked up my journal from the beginning of my 20s. I started a new one on 9/20/04. The front of it:


And on the first page I wrote:

“…Today is the first day of my 20s, and I’m smiling because I’m healthy and I’m loved. :)”

Knowing I was healthy and loved were two of the biggest struggles of my teens. I was controlled by my then-unknown gluten intolerance, sick all the time, down to 89 pounds with no energy to do anything. I had some terrible friend experiences that did not mirror reality-based TV shows like Dawson’s Creek and 90210 where friends stayed together til the end. (I’m kidding, don’t worry).

And you know what two of the greatest joys of my last year have been? Finally feeling healthy and participating in genuine, lasting friendships.

Sometimes we look to the closing of a year or the closing of a decade to sum up a part of our life, and to start fresh. I definitely did that going into my 20s. I closed the door on unhealthiness, both physically and relationally. I stepped into faith, trusting my Heavenly Father to guide and bless me into health and happy friendships. And guide and bless, He did. I used turning 20 as a declaration to start the life I wanted instead of the one I had been stuck in. I used it as a projection forward, like my journal cover says.

I’m not sure yet if turning 30 will be the same. Maybe going into my 30s will be the renewing of something, but maybe it will be a continuation of the full life I’m currently blessed with. Maybe I’ll find new ways to live out my Life Mission Statement, or maybe Sept. 19th will flow effortlessly into Sept. 20th and it’ll be just another day.

Regardless, I will live it. I will. I will, I will, I will.

Thank you to my friends and family who made this birthday weekend super-duper fantastic. Line dancing, shopping, a surprise party, games, delicious GF dinners and treats, phone calls with songs, chihuahua birthday cards, and FB messages (from people who actually know it’s my birthday, because my birth date is not visible to my friends).


I love you all, I really do 🙂

Truly, thank you for helping me live a full, healthy life.


  1. Beautiful Elisa!!! My favorite part is kinda sorta getting ready for a family. I can’t wait to see the cover of your 30th Journal. I love the cover of your 20th. Never saw one like that. I love journals. It still is hard to believe you are 30. I remember the day I believe you were 3 and you asked me to be your God mother. So Sweet!! May this year be a wonderful year for you.

    Much love, Aunt Sharon ❤

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