Dear Congress… My grandma has something to say to you

Dear Congress,

What were you thinking this week? I understand that sounds facetious, defensive and rhetorical, but really, what was going through your head this week?

Were you worried about paying your rent or mortgage? No. Having enough money for gas? No. Were you worried about your kids’ lunch money account running out? Nope. Were you crunching numbers to see how your family was going to make it one income for awhile? Not even close. Thank God, right?

I stopped getting paid on Tuesday because I am an educator for the children of your Armed Forces. The ones who globally deploy on your boss’ command in order to protect our ideals, our customs, our way of life. Our freedom. The freedom represented by monuments that are closed to the public because you couldn’t decide which, if any, of your political interests you were willing to let suffer.

It’s pathetic, disgusting, and asinine. That the American people who pay you are being withheld their own means of living a life that they work very hard for. But I’m sure you already knew that.

And here’s the thing. First of all, I work for a greater purpose. One of my purposes in life is to help children grow into appreciative, kind, selfless leaders. Not you, basically. Second of all, I know none of you personally, but collectively, you really need to get your crap together. Your tax-paying, flag-waving, dream-holding citizens deserve way, way better. My grandma said you should all be fired. She said you should all be fired and a bunch of women should be put in your places. She said that 40 years ago she couldn’t say that, but now that’s how she really feels. That you’re a bunch of idiots who couldn’t make a good decision if it was tattooed to your forehead. ((mostly) her words, not mine).

This is not what leadership is supposed to be about. I am not a judge. I do not care – not one little bit – who is at fault. Because just like I tell my students, you could have all been making better choices at this point. You can tell us all you want that it’s easy to sit here, away from the Congressional floor, and make all the decisions. But that’s not what we’re trying to do. We’re just angry that you are continuing to get paid while the rest of us still have to go to work, but have to wait for our full paychecks. When we have mouths to feed and roofs to keep over our heads. You can’t tell me that doesn’t strike some kind of chord with you.

I met the Randall David Shughart family today. That name sounds familiar because that’s who Black Hawk Down is about (along with MSG Gary Gordon). It was an absolute honor to meet them because I know what they fought for. I know what ideals they believed in when they saved the pilot’s life. I know why they were fighting that war in Somalia 20 years ago. You, members of Congress, seem to have forgotten.

I am praying for our nation and I am praying for you. There’s not much more that will help you at this point.


One of Many Frustrated Citizens

**Sent to my congressional representative on 10/4/2013.


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