Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

My last post was not so happy (it was a letter to Congress — read it here), so let’s make up for it with this —

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

Sam in the morning

My sweet girl loves her cuddle time, but especially in the morning. When I get her from her crate she walks right up to me and clamors up into my lap. Like she can’t be close enough to me. She presses into my lap and/or gives me tons of puppy kisses. I love it! It’s such a perfect way to wake up. 🙂

Other Good Mornings:

Joy and Woe – her tagline makes it.

Minute Moments – A great capture of modern life.

Follygirl’s Photoworld – my kind of morning.

A Journey Called Life – this is what my life would look like if I were a florist (a secret dream of mine!)

The Weekly Watermelon – fun with hot air balloons!

Dailypost – original challenge


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