Replacing thoughts of ‘One of these days…” with how awesome you really are

One of these days…

My office will be 100% neat and orderly.
I will go home without an ink stain on my shirt.
I will return every phone call on time.
I will clean right after a party with my friends so I don’t have to see it in the morning.

My mini muffin puff will be non-existent (and I will only eat one piece of chocolate at a time).
I won’t be tired by 8 p.m. Nothing I bake will burn.
I will say everything I mean to say, when I mean to say it.
Everything will fall into place and make complete and total sense.

But then what will I have to show for…

The children and families and teachers I help every day? T
he hard work I put in at school?

Being wholly present right where I am?
The laughter that bounced off the walls for 6 hours the night before?
My love-slash-passion for trying-slash-eating desserts?
A fully present and energy-expended day?
My trying-something-new?
Moving past mistakes?
A life being fully lived?

When we feel like we’re failing, we have to replace those “One of these days…” wishes. One of these days I might get this mess together, but probably not. Since I don’t even have children yet and I hear they throw your world pretty off balance. But whatever. I don’t make excuses for myself but I try the best that I can. And on a day when I give all I have to whatever I’m doing and whomever I’m with, I won’t let “One of these days…” thoughts drag me down.

You tell me

What about you? What are some of your “One of these days…” thoughts? What do you look at and think, “One of these days I’ll have it together,”? What can you replace it with?

(For similar encouragement, read Flux and Flow’s ‘Putting everything into perspective‘)

What do you think?

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