What I think about the fact that you’re gay


As a writer, my words were failing me. I wanted to communicate the message laid above but as I kept trying to explain myself, my words got more and more fumbled and I sounded ridiculous. I even checked my message with a friend, and her response (though kind and truthful) let me know I was not communicating what I wanted the world to know. To say this out loud has been on my heart for months, so why couldn’t I get it right?

I’m a God-fearing, God-loving, walking-with-Jesus kind of Christian, and Maya Angelo’s words describe perfectly how I feel that my ex is gay, that friends/acquaintances from HS are gay, and that there is an entire population wanting and waiting to feel loved and accepted. And sometimes, someone words something so eloquently, so simply, so perfectly, that expounding on it is unnecessary.

Go be you. God loves you. He made you. Go be you.


  1. The heart and its many levels of expression, are witnessed through the love one shows towards another.
    Unconditional love, deeper and wider than the distance between stars, is limited when we give it only to a chosen few, holding us back from experiencing the fullness of our capacity, that goes beyond understanding.

  2. We know we are loved Elisa. Thank you for writing this. You learn to turn a deaf ear to the negative noise and seek out the positive vibes and just get on with the business of living, as does everyone else. No matter what faith tradition, we will, ultimately all be children of whatever higher power guides us, loves us, enriches us…

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