Why ‘Happy Holidays’ doesn’t make me anti-Christmas

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!

Feliz Navidad!

Mele Kalikimaka!

Which do you say? If you’re a ‘Happy Holidays’ proponent, do you throw dreidels at the ‘Merry Christmas’ people? If you’re on the MC side, do you throw Christmas cookies at the Lowe’s workers and their ‘holiday trees’?

Let’s take a beat here. Because it’s two simple words. And here’s the thing:

Christmas is toward the end of a full-on holiday season, which for some people now includes Halloween (thank you, Pinterest), and for varying sects of the population includes Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, and New Year’s.

Merry Christmas, Happy HolidaysI am a church-going gal who loves, loves, loves Christmas, and I love saying ‘Happy Holidays’. I say, “Have a great holiday,” way more often than I say “Merry Christmas”, and I mean, I love Christmas. Example: Michael Buble’s “All I Want for Christmas” has been my ringtone since last Christmas. I listen to the album to the left every year. I watch almost every Christmas movie I can get my Roku remote-holding hands on. (Or my VHS remote, because a CBS-taped A Very Brady Christmas from 1989 is on my playlist every year). I also got giddy hearing my first Christmas hymn of the season at church last week.very brady christmas staircase

I think love and friendship and basic human interaction is most fun during the holidays. The extra lights and decorations make it romantic. The music and snowfall make it magical. The spirit of joy in the air makes it enchanting. That’s what I believe. That’s what I carry with me. Truthfully, when I say ‘Happy Holidays’, I’m basically saying, “Have a great five weeks” or “Happy last 5 weeks of the year!” Please don’t badger me or get angry when I’m wishing someone blessings and good tidings during this special time of year and don’t use the word ‘Christmas’. Because I sincerely hope the recipients of my well wishes feel the magic of the season all the way to their hearts. I wish for them a season or a moment of joy, miracles, love, blessings, peace. My ‘Happy Holidays’ with a smile, isn’t politically driven. It’s human. It’s kindness in the form of two simple words.

I’ll be watching my Christmas movies (hubby’s description of our Netflix queue: “It’s like the Christmas section in Blockbuster threw up!”), cuddling with my puppy, sitting in the comfort of my Charlie Brown-like tree, and waiting to see my love on December 24th.

For you and yours:

Happy Holidays

What do you think?

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