Daily Prompt: BFFs

Daily Prompt: BFFs

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from the person you’re the closest to?

*I’m so tempted to post a photo, but I’m doing these prompts to force my creative juices to move themselves around more! So, no cheating!

I have an incredible support system of friends and family. I feel more surrounded with love now than I have ever before, and that’s pretty amazing to me considering how lonely this year could have been. The most important lesson I’ve learned from them collectively is that your true friends (to include family members who are friends) are the ones who will check up on you, listen to you babble on and on and on, pick up on a slight change of tone when you’ve had a no-good-terrible-awful day but are trying to hide it, bring you chocolate, throw you a surprise party, and encourage you whether you want the encouragement or not. They’re the ones who stick around in spirit and in person, via text messages, e-mails, phone calls and random drop-bys. They have taught me how to live in community, how to share life with other people and not be afraid of what they might see when they see me.

IMG_2415[1]And to answer the actual daily prompt: my husband has taught me that if you are loving God and following what He’s asking you to do, your life might look completely crazy from the outside but you are living it exactly right. It won’t be perfect and there will be hiccups, but God’s dreams for us are not meant to be walks on Easy St. But they’re entirely worth it and what matters most is that we can answer to Him and say, “Yes, I did exactly what you asked me to do.”

I thank God every single day for two things: a brand new day to live, and the people He’s given me to love and be loved by, to teach and to learn from. I am blessed beyond measure, and I do not take that for granted.

What do you think?

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