Silly Snow Days in the South

The biggest news stories over the last 7 days have not been about the most-watched sports event of the year, happening today. Instead, it was about the weather. The icy, snowy, cold cold weather to grace the Southland. Giving me and other native northerners the first snow days (we had 2!) we have had in more than a decade!

What did I do with my time?

Dance, dance, dance! Just about shut the place down Wednesday night after a good 5 hrs of incredible cardio. Some of the best dancing I’ve done in my 8 months of almost-weekly endeavors.


Played with Sam-bam in the snow a bunch! Went for long walks, threw snowballs at her, and giggled as she slipped and slid.
And I finished typing my second novel! Now onto the first of many edits…

Played Harry Potter Scene It! Over FaceTime. Love what technology affords us between the miles.

Caught up on my Bible plan… Reading the chronological version over 1 year. Making tons of margin notes this time and not only learning new things about God and His story, but about myself.
My computer is currently on the fritz, or this would be longer and I’d have done some daily prompts. I have a cap on how much I can type on my phone before I get antsy … And I just reached it!

Happy Brand New Week, everyone!

What do you think?

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