6 things that are ruining-slash-improving my life

Blessings in disguise. Necessary evils. Call ’em what you want. Certain things in life exist to distract and frustrate us, yet also bless and refine us.

Here are 6 I found in my own life:


20140308-235550.jpgMy cell phone: I swear, I am never going to finish my second novel because every time I sit down to work on it, Buzzfeed surveys start calling my name. I am Belle, Hermoine, and Sarah (from the Bible); my real age is 35; and my ideal occupation is Astronaut. Obviously. (I’m also a salt bagel and Dorothy from Golden Girls, per the surveys to the left).

My sugar hiatus: because sugar = crack and I’m climbing the walls (and shoving popcorn in my face) while my body detoxes. Also, I snuck in a mini Snickers bar and did not enjoy it. Nor did I enjoy the few m&ms I had. I ask you, what is a life without peanut m&ms?

ANOTHER Hart of Dixie hiatus: because my heart can’t take much longer of Wade and Zoey being apart. Let’s reconcile, people!

Our budget Excel spreadsheet: I wish our parents and grandparents were wrong and money did grow on trees so that the budget we keep could be a little looser.

Mean people: self control and God’s grace always win, but for the love of Pete, sometimes I just want to clamp your mouth shut with an oversized clothespin!

The Bible/powerful stories: darn these convicting and compelling narratives that make me see what’s really important. Ignorance was bliss.


My cell phone: thank God for FaceTime so I can see my love’s face every night before bed.

20140308-234749.jpgMy sugar hiatus: I am 10 lbs lighter and have energy to spare!

ANOTHER Hart of Dixie hiatus: Keeping me off the TV so I can read and write, write, write.

Our budget Excel spreadsheet: a steady reminder of our financial blessings and goals, which are more and more within reach with each passing week.

Mean people: the best teacher is not a person in a building. It is character refinement in the form of people who don’t like you. This is the true test of being who God has asked you to be despite negative circumstances and surroundings.

20140308-235757.jpgThe Bible/powerful stories: Life-giving words of inspiration and encouragement. And personal growth based on the trials of others. Trials that sound unimaginable yet inspire us to greatness because of others’ strength.


**sidebar: I wrote this in a power outage, handwritten by candlelight on the back of one of the pages of my novel draft. I then went downstairs to my car so I could plug in my phone and type it into WordPress. So please excuse any spacing issues because I can’t figure out how to center text and left-align pics on this app. Other than that, Gold Star for me today for posting despite a power outage! 😉

**I came onto the computer this morning and fixed the spacing issues. Gold Star stills stands, however. 😉


What about you? What is ruining-slash-improving your life?


  1. Oh Elisa! I so miss your energy, humor, and the caring person you are! So ready for novel #2!!!! Love catching up with you through your blog! Love & hugs!

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