Daily Prompt: The Happy Wanderer — stories from the road

Daily Prompt: The Happy Wanderer

What’s your travel style? Are you itinerary and schedule driven, needing to have every step mapped out in advance or are you content to arrive without a plan and let happenstance be your guide?

20140319-162627.jpgWe were married two months when Greg and I decided to take an impromptu weekend away to a nearby city.
We had been told it was “right up the road” and easy-as-pie to get there.
So did I look at a map before we hit the road?
Did I book a hotel?
Was this before the days of easily accessible GPS and did Greg make me pull out the atlas?
Yes. (Though I maintain we would have made it. We can read road signs, after all).

Fast forward 5 years…

I wanted to visit a city about an hour north of where I live.
I take a leisurely drive, no idea of my exact location within the city, but I know I’m in the city I originally intended to visit.
I find a beautiful expanse of land with large oak trees, and it had just rained so the sky was orange and gray and was dotted with small, white puffy clouds. I pulled over to snap a few photos…20140319-162605.jpg
I got back in my car and sat there for a few minutes, looking at my phone’s GPS to decide how I was going to get home.
A cop pulled up beside me, asking if I was ok.
(This is why I always get tickets).
I answer, oh yeah! I’m fine. Just exploring.
What do you mean, he asks.
I don’t really know where I am… Just looking around.
I’m pretty sure his purpose for getting out of his vehicle and coming to my window was to make sure I wasn’t under any kind of influence… But I was just being honest!

20140319-160832.jpgLast summer we took one helluva road trip, hands down the best summer ever. We mapped out the route and planned some things, but hotels weren’t booked in advance, eateries were chosen on the spot, as were some of our stops.20140319-162613.jpg


So you tell me. Scheduled vacationer, or on-the-fly roadie? 🙂

**lying on my couch with a headache today, so this is coming from my phone… Pardon the spacing and alignment issues!


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