Why am I giving up chocolate for 30 days?

As of today, I will go 30 days without chocolate.

No exceptions. No allowances. No ‘special occasions’. I’ve had 29.5 years of special occasions. Enough is enough.

Anyone in my world knows I am a chocolate fanatic. I’m sorry, did I say fanatic? Addict. I’m a chocolate addict. And I know it. I’ve known it for many, many moons.

A little voice piped up a few months ago and asked me to give it up for awhile. Well I squelched that pretty quickly. It wasn’t too hard, either. Kind of like a cigarette butt still burning on the sidewalk; one little blip-step and it’s out. Gone.

Well it piped up again. So I compromised; I gave up refined sugar (and limited organic sugar to 5g/day) for the month of February with two previously-planned exceptions: Valentine’s Day weekend and a small group meeting. I felt amazing: more energy, better quality sleep, improved skin, higher dance endurance, and I lost 10 lbs! I felt A-MAZING.

Then came March. And I actually did not go back to refined sugar, but I put no limit on my organic sugar intake. Life/taste buds, meet the most addicting organic brownies ever to grace your presence:


After consuming more than a handful of packages, that dang voice came back. And insisted I give up chocolate for the month of April. And this time, I conceded. Like the second-to-last kid in dodgeball facing her worst enemy, I’ve walked to the sidelines and admitted defeat.

Crazy? Kind of, considering how much I depend on it to get me through some days. But obedient, to my body and to the Holy Spirit’s prompting? Yes, and this is more important to me than what I’ve trained my body to ‘need’. I’m doing this as an act of discipline. To prove I can go without. It’s a relatively extreme act of deprivation (considering my general consumption), but it’s necessary. Pitifully necessary.

It will also help me with the Sprint Triathlon I am participating in this summer:


(I hesitate to say I am ‘competing’ in this event because I will be slow compared to seasoned competitors. My goal is to finish, not to finish first).

Now, am I eating fudge brownies as I write this Tuesday night? Of course I am. Will I beat this challenge no matter how many scratch marks I put in the walls from climbing them as I detox? Of course I will.

Here we go… (Any and all encouragement welcome!)


What do you think?

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