Who am I & Why am I here? – writing for Zero to Hero

Who am I & Why am I here? Oh, two of the universe’s great questions.

Today they come in the blogging context, as I start a 30-day writing challenge called Zero to Hero. Day 1: introductions & purpose.

My Home page will tell you what I’m about – talking to God, writing, eating chocolate, dancing, and taking care of my puppy. That’s me in a nutshell. As for my purpose for writing…

I’m one of those writers who will be click-clacking or scribbling away, and I’ll stop, mid-sentence, and wonder aloud – Why in the world am I doing this? Why the heck does this matter? Who does this? Isn’t there a better hobby I could take up, rather than listening to the voices in my head and transferring their words onto a screen or a piece of paper?

The answers:

I’m doing this because writing is one the reasons God put me on this planet. If He says write, I pick it up and go until I’m empty for the day. Also, when I wrote my first novel, Making Room, and had it published last year, I had to start a platform. Thus, Life’s So Sweet was born.

It matters for three reasons: #1, I don’t go crazy from keeping it all inside; #2, others are encouraged by what I write; #3, I’m obeying my heart’s orders to lay it all on the line.

Is there a better hobby? Maybe. But not for me. For me, I have stories to tell and encouragement to spread.

I hope you’ll stick around. The topics are of a wide, wide variety, but they all fall under the same umbrella: Joy. Finding the silver lining in all of life’s adventures. Seeing the sweet side of life. However you want to name it, that’s what I write about. If you need some joy, need some happy in your life, read away!

What do you think?

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