A Penny for Your Thoughts — Zero to Hero

Day Three: A Penny for Your Thoughts

Today’s assignment: write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.

I wrote the post that was on my mind on 9/22/2012 when I first started this blog. Read it here. It’s long-winded and a far cry from the quality of writing I currently post, but I held nothing back.

My goal when I first started blogging stood on one platform: building a platform. I was publishing “Making Room” through Ambassador International, and part of publishing a book now-a-days is having an online presence. Thus, Life’s So Sweet was born.

When I started this shindig, I posted every Sunday, had little direction, didn’t start writing until Sunday afternoon/evening, and it took me hours. Hours! I was easily frustrated, swore up and down it wasn’t going to work, insisted I wouldn’t be doing this ever again, and was actively fighting against myself, believing I didn’t really have any writing talent. I would stomp around the house, devour a bag of cookies, switch positions in my chair a hundred times… Sound familiar? If you’re reading this and you’re a writer, you know exactly what I mean. Us creatives are pretty hard on ourselves, and we insist we have no talent at least once a week!

I’m 19 months into the blogosphere, and I still fight myself, but I *almost always have my Sunday post published by the time my side of the world wakes up, and I have a clear direction: positive living, seeing the silver lining in all of life’s adventures, counteracting negativity with practical positivity. 🙂 That sounds pretty corny, but if you look around you’ll see it’s not – just a girl who loves Jesus and wants you to see the light through the darkness, sometimes using His promises, and sometimes just opening your eyes to good things all around.

So there you have it.

What do you have to share?

What do you think?

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