Zero to Hero: Themes & Follows

The last two assignments have been about widening my blog community and refining the look of Life’s So Sweet.

I tried very hard to post yesterday, but I was traveling and a) couldn’t stay on WiFi to save my life, and b) wasted 90 – 90! – minutes trying to fix something on Twitter. I was done with social media. Sometimes I get very cranky toward the blogosphe re and social media world. I just want to write a book. But ultimately, this community improves our writing, teaches us good online manners,  and adds to our sense of belonging in the world of publishing.

I did find 7 new tags to follow! Searching for new blogs to follow was quite overwhelming for me, so I compensated by following 7 new tags and then 2 new people om Twitter who write regularly.


Country music
Gluten free (And I found this gem: Everything’s fun and games until someone eats a cracker)
Joyful living
West coast photography
Zerotohero (kind of a given)

I also surprised myself by choosing a new theme, Forever. Meant for weddings, this has a clean layout with the lightness and peaceful look I’m going for. I’ve played around with themes ad nauseum, and this is my third theme in 19 months. I have committment issues, but I’m also very picky.

What do you think? And what did you find?


What do you think?

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