Zero to Hero: Making the ‘About’ page irresistible

Today’s assignment: create and publish your About page, and adapt it for a widget on your home page.

I count a website’s About page is one of the most important pieces of the site. However, that does not mean I know how to create a good one for myself. I’m extremely uncomfortable telling about myself or what I’m trying to do, so any kind of About Me or marketing gives me heart palpitations. Not really that serious, but you know what I mean! For any overachiever, anything we can’t do sends us running for the hills.

So today’s assignment was perfect for me, because it forced me to sit down and make a solid About page, which is actually my Home page. I like the Home page to tell readers what it’s all about, which is also why my Home page heading is “What it’s all about.”

Here’s the link:

Life’s So Sweet home

Let me know what you think! I tightened it up big time. Took out the fluff. I’d like to add a video, but I’m not quite sure what the content should be. Any suggestions?

I also added a new page: My Life as a Journalist — I worked for a daily newspaper for two years, periodically writing features for the lifestyle section. I’m pretty proud of the four stories I posted on here, and eventually there will be more to peruse. ‘Waiting for My Soldier‘ is my favorite.

Happy blogging!

What do you think?

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