To every woman… you are worthy

The topic of beauty and the way women see themselves has weighed heavily on my heart this year. Maybe it’s because I spend more time in a bar (dancing, not drinking) than I ever have before, and I watch men and women interact in what should really be described as a mosh-pit of hormones. I watch some men try their very hardest to woo women honestly, and some men try for just one thing. I watch women fall for lines, be intrigued and pulled in by handsomeness instead of kindness, by enticing eyes instead of genuine, non-sexual conversation.

I wish I could tell every woman – no matter your background, no matter your size, no matter your imperfections and your mistakes, no matter your age, the color of your skin, your father’s sins or your mother’s mishaps – you are worth loving, you are worth respect, you are worthy.

I hope and pray we can raise our daughters to know the words in the graphic below:


*This is for May 10’s Blogging 101 assignment, to build off of your most viewed posts. The most popular search term/phrase that lands people on Life’s So Sweet is anything similar to “nice words to say to my daughter”, so The top 5 things to say to your daughter and 5 more things to say to your daughter are my two top posts.



    • Thanks! I work at a school, and I do my best to compliment my girls on not just their outfit, but their good grades and food character. At the bar where I dance, I definitely try to be an example. If I enter into a random conversation I try to stay as uplifting as possible.

  1. Yes! All women are worthy and never should feel as though they have to lower than standards just to be accepted by others. Be confident in who they are and that confidence is all they need.

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