Fighting the blog-lazy: princesses, prayers & rockin’ bike rides

Thank you, grad school, for taking over my life. Again.
I can also blame my husband, who is home on leave for a short/long 17 days.
My posts over the next two weeks will be spotty, but they’ll still pop up here and there. Stick with me, okay?
Until then… this is what I’ve been/will be doing (so you know I’m not being blog-lazy!):

A fancy-schmancy affair in DC in support of our friend’s graduation from Georgetown Law School. I’m not gonna lie: I felt like a princess! And I loved it. I also loved the four pieces of fish, two helpings of potatoes, and two slices of cake. Princesses gotta eat! Even in pretty ballgowns.


Reading my grad school books so I can write grad school papers and learn grad school things (with my sweet Sam by my side, of course):


Praying my heart out because as this year continues, I feel as though I’m getting dumped on again and again with a large bucket of cement. God’s working overtime for me, though, don’t worry:


Rockin’ it on my bike rides to train for this summer’s Triathlon!


What are you doing to enjoy/get through this spring? Get ready for summer? Enjoy this cool-down before the sweatbox that is the Southeast starts up again?

Happy Blogging, and happy days to you šŸ™‚


  1. I am dealing with an excessive load of work these days, and I am missing my blog so much! Things that are being publish are the ones I had scheduled before, because no new posts were written these days, so I totally understand you! We’ll deal with our messes and come back to blogging again, I’m sure! Good luck!

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